It’s Tradition

Like public holidays, my yearly calendar is marked with cherished annual traditions. Call me sentimental, but they mean a lot to me. Whether it’s carving pumpkins with the best work crew you could assemble each October, chowing down on a hot dog (veggie, of course) while watching a Jays game at the Skydome each summer, or catching the late show of whichever Hollywood blockbuster happens to be out with my sister after stuffing ourselves with Christmas dinner – I have extremely fond memories of these annual events and eagerly look forward to them each year.

Moving to Australia, however, has turned many of my traditions on their head. Part of this is due to geography. Living south of the equator means seasons are in reverse, and this alters the appropriateness of some traditions. Like ugly Christmas sweater parties. Doesn’t make much sense when Christmas falls in the dead of summer (though ‘Christmas in July’ celebrations are pretty common as a result).
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